Picture Framing & Memorabilia

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At Art 45 we take time to understand your vision, no matter how complex.

Whether it be treasured family or travel photographs, original art, memorabilia, tapestries or Children’s art, there are a number of options available to suit your tastes and budget.

We can help you to select the perfect style of frame and matboard surround to compliment your Décor so that your images or treasured items are displayed in the best possible way.

There is an extensive matboard collection and colour pallet available offering the latest colours, Textures and designs. As well as utilising a range of high quality surface papers, cores and conservation properties to provide varying levels of protection each artwork requires.

Plus you can select from either from either metal or wood framing.

Also available is a comprehensive range of glass and acrylic products designed to protect and enhance works of art and other valuable pieces for many years.